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Chef Peter Gobin spent 6 years living, cooking and eating in Los Angeles. After returning home to Providence, he missed his beloved taco truck so much that he began recreating the experience for himself. Mijos Tacos is the result of a deep need for traditional Mexican street food, LA style.

FAQs with Peter Gobin
  • Q: You got any hotdogs in there?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Do you have hard tacos? Can I get lettuce and tomato on my taco? Do you make 'classic' or 'normal' or 'regular' tacos?
  • A: NO! And Yes! I do make normal, classic, regular tacos—but NOT with ground beef, "taco seasoning," shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato. I make what I think of as 'L.A. Style' tacos. These were the tacos that sustained me when I was cooking long days in French fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles.
  • Q: Did I see your truck in Cumberland on Mendon Road/Rt. 146?
  • A: Yeah, that's our home. While Peter is often working on the truck in the driveway, it is not legal for us to vend from the driveway. Please check our Schedule page for our upcoming locations.
  • Q: Do you really make your mayo from scratch?
  • A: Most of the time. Every now and then, when things are really busy I will supplement, but I try to make it from scratch most of the time.
  • Q: Who do you think is the funniest food truck owner in Providence?
  • A: Well, despite claims to the contrary, I am hilarious, but then my friend Joe Meneguzzo at Rocket Fine Street Food is one funny dude. And he takes some serious pride in his food. If you haven't checked them out already, do it. Now.
  • Q: Do you actually like cooking for people with food allergies or do you secretly curse them under your breath?
  • A: I seriously LOVE cooking for people with allergies. I think it really sucks when someone has a restricted diet. I cannot imagine if I was no longer able to eat meat, or dairy, or soy, or wheat, or nuts. So I really feel for people who can't eat something and it's important to me to make something that blows them away since their options are so often limited and sometimes bland. Everyone should be able to go out for dinner without feeling like a bother. So, it really is truly my pleasure.
  • Q: What does "Mijos" mean?
  • A: Mijos means "my little ones" named after my children.

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